Courses and Program Development

Note:  Unless otherwise stated, I serve as principal teacher, and the courses are taught at the Technion Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning.

Program development

Initiator and co-founder of Israel’s first Master’s degree in Real Estate Studies (MRE), at the Technion.  Academic co-head of the program, with Professor Yerach Doytsher of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.  Program commenced January 2006.   Chair of the inter-school program committee form 2008 to 2012.

Initiator and co-founder of the Master’s degree Master in Urban Engineering.  To be launched at the Technion in 2013.

Co-initiator (with Assoc. Prof. Rachel Kallus leading), Faculty-wide program “ Housing and Communities“.  the team won competition for funding by the Israel National Council of Higher Education for projects that bridge academia and communities.

A certificate program “Planning for Rural Communities” for practitioners.  Jointly with Assoc. Prof.  Pnina Plaut. At Technion, through the Center for Urban and Regional Studies.  In cooperation with several national government bodies and NGO’s.


Courses Developed at Technion

  • Planning Theory:  Technion. Compulsory graduate core course.  Also taught at the U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1981-82); and New York University (1986-87).
  • Planning Law and Administration:  Technion. Compulsory graduate core course at both the Urban and Regional Planning program and the Master’s in Real Estate degree program;  [Also taught at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Faculty of Law (1989-90, elective course); Haifa University Law School, spring term, 1993-4 (elective courses).]
  • Land Policy and the Private DeveloperElective graduate seminar, given annually and highly popular. Also taught as a compulsory course (starting Oct. 08) in the Master’s Program in Construction Management in the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
  • Planning Workshop “1 – town scale”  Compulsory graduate core course.  Course director (with another  teacher and a t.a.).  Developed a teaching method that coordinates and applies the concepts and methods taught in parallel in Planning Theory.
  • Ph.D. Forum – Research and publishing guidance – for all Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.

Taught in the past at Technion

  • The Plan-Implementation Process:  Elective graduate seminar offered occasionally.
  • Public Participation in Planning:  Elective graduate seminar; offered occasionally at Technion;  Also taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1981-82).
  • Planning Institutions (for undergraduates in Architecture).  Elective course especially tailored to undergraduate architecture students [offered occasionally].
  • Studio “C1” – town scale (compulsory course for undergraduates in Architecture) (co-taught with others for many years, until the contents of that course were changed in to focus on urban design).

Courses Taught during Sabbaticals Overseas

  • Comparative planning systems and open space preservation:  University of Wageningen, Mansholt Graduate School, the Netherlands. Ph.D. intensive course given in November 2005.
  • Comparative land-use laws and property rights, School of Law, University of Miami.  Spring semester 2006.
  • Land use law in Israel in a comparative perspective (a module in a comparative law course) taught at:
    • University of Florida Law School,  Oct. 1993.
    • Georgia State University Law School, March 2006.
  • Growth Management and Implementation of Urban Development Projects (University of Wisconsin, Madison 1992-3).


Continuing Education and Short Courses (selected)
Short courses in planning law, land policy, planning theory, public facilities, and public participation, given to professional groups through the Continuing and External Education Unit of the Technion, the Continuing Education Units of the Ministry of the Interior, the Jewish Agency, the Community Workers’ Association, and the Association of Municipal engineers, Judges’ Continuing-Education Institute, Lawyers’ Continuing Education Institute, the Municipal Engineers’ Association, and the Land Surveyors’ Association.  Specifically these groups include:

1) Elected officials (mayors, councilors)  2) city engineers  3) planning officials  4) municipal land officers  5) Chartered Surveyors (land appraisers), 6) officials of the National Lands Authority  7) officials of the Ports and Railroads Authority  8) enforcement officers of development control  9) community workers and neighborhood planners (in Project Renewal) 10) elected office holders  11) municipal officials from developing countries. 12) Planning personnel of Haifa City, Course coordinator through Technion Extension. 13) Judges of lower and district courts  14) town planners and engineers in the Israeli Arab sector. 15) Office holders in the Israel General Comptroller’s Office.  16) judges’ refresher courses   17)  agronomists and planners of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development  18) lawyers’ refresher courses. 19)   municipal comptrollers’ refresher course (1996).  20) Mayors’ Forum, 1996.  21) City Engineers/planners refresher courses (1996×3).   22) Officers of the Ministry of Transportation (1996).  Officers of the Ministry of Agriculture, 1997.  23) The Independent Association of Engineers and Architects, 1997.   24)  Refresher course for local and district planning officers, Nov. 11, 1997 25) Officers of the Israel Ports and Railroads Authority – 1997-8 (through the Technion Continuing Education Unit) – built and organized this extensive course and gave 4 lectures.   26) Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law extension studies;  Refresher course on “Law and Land”.  Lecture on “Expropriation of Land Through the Planning and Building Law”,  May 25, 1999.  27)  Full-day training on Statutory Planning Institutions and Public Participation for the planners and engineers at the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Sept. 2000.  28)  Refresher course for State Attorneys and Legal Advisors on property rights and the conversion of agricultural land to development. 29) Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law extension studies, refresher course on planning and property law – lecture on “exactions for public services through agreements”, June 5 2001. 30)  Ministry of the Interior refresher courses for planners in local and district planning commissions, on developer agreements, Jan 24 2002, (at Netanya Municipal Education center – Maf’am).        31) “ELKA” Refresher Course on Public Participation in Governance for town mayors, held in Bnei Ayish local authority October 10 2002.  32) Refresher course to District and lower court judges, in a special course on planning law.  Invited to give the course’s final lecture, on “What an international comparative  perspective can teach us about Israeli planning law.”  Neve Ilan, Nov. 28 2002.  33)  Symposium of the Southern Sharon Regional Council – lecture on “The property rights revolution in the agricultural sector”, November 2002 (in the Carmel Beach Hotel, Haifa).  34)  Workshop of the Association of Municipal Engineers to present options for an academic degree for such officials.  Zichron Yaakov Dec. 5 2002.   35)  Workshop for city planners in the Israeli-Arab sector.  On “Planning laws and their relationship to private property rights”.  Nazareth, February 3 2003.  36)  Continuing education for land surveying engineers, lecture on public services, infrastructure provision, and property rights.  Tel Aviv, February 2003.  37)  Course for “Public Participation Consultants”, Technion Continuing Education unit, lecture on “planning theories and public participation”, Dec. 17 2003.  38)  as above, lecture on Israeli planning institutions and public representation”, Dec. 24 2003. 39) Refresher course for planners in local planning commissions, through the Ministry of the Interior MAF’AM program; on “A critical comparative view of the Israeli planning law and institutions”, 18.2.2004.  40) Continuing education to high-school teachers of geography nation-wide; on “Planning institutions and the public interest”, Sept. 11 2004, Tel Aviv.  41) Lawyers’ Continuing Education Institute, Tel Aviv University, March 2005:  Reform of Israel’s planning law and the status of plans. 42)  Israel Bar Association continuous education for local government attorneys, “Compensation rights according to the Israel Planning and Building Law: The need for reform.  Oct. 15 2007 Tel Aviv.  43) Bar Ilan Continuous Education on Property Law: “An International Perspective on Compensation for Depreciation of Property Values under Israel’s Planning Law:  the Need for Reform”.  April 8 2008.  44)  Lawyers’ Continuing Education Institute, Tel Aviv University, 2008   45) Israel Institute of Land Appraisers.  “Is compulsory dedication of land for public services a dead letter? A cross-national perspective”.  Eilat Nov. 25 2008.  46) Advocates’ refresher course on local-government related law (Bar Ilan U):  The need for reform of Israeli law on compensation for decline in property values due to planning decisions: Lessons from cross-national research.  May 6 2009.  47) Judges’ continuous education,  Maaleh HaHamisha, June 2009 (on challenges of the planning system in Israel from a cross-national perspective).  48) Bar Ilan University continuous education on law and planning, lecture on land readjustment in Israel in an international context July 14 2010).  49)  The Rehovot Conference for International Development – “The Challenges of Learning and Unlearning by Developing Countries”, December 2010.  50) Lawyers of the Haifa District, “The new fast-track legislation for housing vadal – Sept. 22 2011.  51) The certificate program for rural planners, Technion: National land policy in Israel’s rural sector,  Oct. 2012.  52)  Tel Aviv City planners’ refresher lecture series: National land policy and its impacts on urban areas.  Nov. 2012.   53) The certificate program for rural planners, Technion: National land policy in Israel and the grossly curtailed property rights of Israel’s rural sector cooperative villages. Dec. 2014. 54) The certificate program for rural planners, Technion: Land expropriation law in Israel and its impact on the rural sector. Jan. 2015.